Union Bank to have EFRM


Union Bank of India is intending to implement an enterprise fraud risk management solution with the real time/ near real time/ offline capability. The solution should be capable of fraud prevention, early fraud detection, antiĀ­fraud strategy, periodic assessment of fraud risk, fraud risk training and awareness and fraud alerts, internal fraud risk management and forensic support. The bank wants the selected solution to cover the risks associated branch banking (domestic), branch banking (overseas), various other banking products, e-channels and employee-initaited/involved internal frauds. Besides, it would be required to be an integrated EFRM solution for all banking channels (including CBS), other banking applications and all e-channels. The proposed EFRM solution has to be integrated with core banking, Internet banking, ATM switch, Debit Cards, Credit Card, POS switch, e-commerce and other channels, if any, required in future without hampering the routine operations of the bank.

Syndicate Bank to undertake BPR

Syndicate Bank is evolving a strategy for business process transformation and it intends to appoint management consultants in chosen areas – distinctly in business process re-engineering, digital banking, sales and CRM and human resources development. The selected consultants will assist the bank in designing and implementing changes in the business process framework and human resources development. The work will include understanding the existing framework and also the working of the bank. The objective is to achieve efficiency in business operations, higher employee productivity and improve TAT in key product and service offerings. The project is expected to be compleed in two parts with the second part being taken up after completion of the pilot phase. The part 1 will cover the aspects of BPR and digital banking, including establishment of shared service centers like centralized back office, national call center, and loan factories. The part 2 shall cover the aspects of sales, CRM and HR development. The tenure of the project is approximately 24 months.

Andhra Bank wants MADP

Andhra Bank is proposing to have a mobile application development platform (MADP) for the development of mobile apps. The bank is finding it difficult to deploy and maintain various apps for diverse platforms in the ever changing mobility environment and hence wants to have the MADP developed by an experienced service provider. The assignment for the service provider would cover required licenses (enterprise/perpetual), mobility platform future upgrades etc. The bank wants the proposed solution to be able to develop apps which can integrate with existing Finacle, online banking application, IVR, or other bank system for customer convenience, integration with third party service provider /software /middleware i.e. National Payment Corporation of India(NPCI), Unique Identification Authority of India, payment gateway service/ aggregator, integration with any other specified regulatory /statutory bodies for data submission and monitoring and it should be supported on all major mobile platforms, Android, IOS etc., including new future mobile OS.


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