Looking Up: Many safe ways to see the solar eclipse


Looking Up: Many safe ways to see the solar eclipse

August 21, 2017, the sun will be partially eclipsed by the moon across the country; Just along a narrow path from one ocean to another, the sun was completely eclipsed.

For most of America, if special precautions are used to observe the sun safely appears as a crescent, because the invisible moon passes slowly in front.
The sun is too bright to look at directly without special precautions.

Looking at the unfiltered sun with binoculars or a telescope would be a blind person. Fortunately, using sunscreens or indirect means to view a projected image on a screen, we can review our star security conditions during the sunny day.

Without a telescope, you can use special sunscreens mounted on glasses frames. Several companies are selling in anticipation of the August eclipse. They are generally inexpensive.

You can search online and shop around for “eclipse vessels” or “eclipse shadows”.
Please note that glasses should only be used with eyes only. They are not safe for the intense focus of a telescope or even binoculars.

Special sunscreens are available on the front of the telescope or binoculars. Never use these filters in the eyepiece. The focused beams can split the filter and burn your retina!
On a sunny day, you can see the sun safely in different forms:
• With a hole in a closed window curtain, the sun was under a small image in the dark room, it can be taken on a white cardboard screen. This is a great way to see the crescent shape of the sun partially eclipsed on the day of the eclipse.

• Similarly, you can make a shoe box viewer with a hole in one end and a white screen in the other; The image will be very small.

• Another alternative is to capture a long cardboard tube that holds the packaging paper. Put a hole in the center of the lid. Replace the tube over your shoulder with the cap facing the sun, and back to the sun. Holds a white cardboard sheet at the open end of the tube, to see the solar image.

• Any small hole will. Try the next sunny day. Make a fist almost, leaving only a very narrow space; Sunlight can be placed directly on the palm of the other hand! Also look under a leafy tree. This is very surprising in a partial eclipse.

The hundreds of tiny holes left between the overlapping leaves projeteront hundreds of hollow cross on the ground! Tip: put a white sheet in the shaded grass for the best view.

• With a small round mirror or more, usually covered with a paper leaving a small round hole, it can reflect a clear image of the sun on a white screen (or a white wall) in a shaded area.

• Using a telescope or binoculars, you can safely pull an enlarged image of the sun on a white screen. Never use the small “search scope” to look through, to align with the sun.

Instead, adjust your telescope by observing the shadow of the tube; Once it becomes round, centered on the sun.

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