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Bhutan Stands By India, But Modi Is Weakening It

While the nation remains trapped in the evolution of the Doklam tray, we do not say enough about our relationship with cis himalayais United, Nepal and Bhutan, which are an essential part of our defense’s bow in any major confrontation with China.

This column recently explored in depth the perspective of complex Nepal in India, in light of the blockade that the Modi government has launched several months between December 2015, which completely canceled the goodwill that Modi to visit in June 2014 this country could have won for us.

In this part of the opinion, I would like to talk about our relations with sumptuous Bhutan, a country that has stopped maintaining the best relations with us.

Little-known points of friction with Bhutan have emerged, such as Nepal, the Indian government’s molecules after the initial heat rise when Modi has made Bhutan the first country he visited to become prime minister.

Bhutan has traditionally looked to the south of India, not to the north to Tibet and China. This has its roots in history, extended to more than 500 years. In 1616 Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the head of the prestigious Ralung monastery in Tibet, found himself in danger in his conflict with the sovereign Tsangpa local.

Zhabdrung decided to take off north of Mongolia and claims that his own command but a bhoutanien visit monk convinced him to instead consider “putting his horse’s head south” to cross the pass at the top gassa in the territory of Bhutan .

The legend tells that Zhabdrung had a dream that night saw a crow flies south and took it as a premonition to determine its desired direction. And as he said, a raven appeared upstairs and Zhabdrung accompanied all the way to Gassa.

Zhabdrung continued to establish the Drukpa Kagyu school of Buddhism as the dominant religion in Bhutan and in the process practically created the nation of Bhutan.

During the next half millennium to this day, Zhabdrung and his later incarnations have had spiritual authority in Bhutan, sometimes in harmony with temporal authority and sometimes against.

The problem was finally solved when the fourth king of Bhutan in the 21st century declared the realization of the Zhabdrung, combining the temporal and spiritual authority of a person.

The southern orientation of the bhoutanien mind at least from the time of the first Zhabdrung was reinforced by the repeated invasions of Tibet – at least ten between 1617 and 1735 – which led the Bhutanese to distrust their neighbors to the north and trust In what is to the south.

Therefore, the only war that the Bhutanese lost in Tibet when the Tibetan leader had the support of the Chinese. Bhutanese are not likely to forget that when they put India and China in balance. The horse’s head is still facing south!

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Maharashtra Education Minister Must Resign

The Minister of Education, Vinod Tawde and Rector of the University of Mumbai, Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh are very comfortable with their job security despite 111 embarrassing days not to declare the test results.

By law, a 45-day examination period is required. It is likely to be 115 days when you read this. The current crisis in the education sector in Maharashtra has precedents.

The crisis is not only the problem faced by students and university professors; The biggest mess is that it seems the government is totally at ease with students who are not being heard.

Or heard, but ignored. Ignored and pushed to its limits. Just because you will never be a solid bank of votes, and you will never rebel. They are too busy with their problems for him.

Exams at the University of Mumbai last year were completed on April 23. It is now August and there is absolutely no sign of results to date.

Governor Honible, without whom suo-moto’s intervention did not even move much, set a deadline for July 31 in which he had promised the University to join.

All the students, all the parents, waited patiently. The youth policy sections respect the deadline and did not protest. It now appears that the results will not be fully declared as of August 15, 2017. Minutes of scrutiny will be made even more!

What happens to all the students who have applied abroad? What happens to all students who wish to enroll in graduation courses in India?

Simple: they lose a year, while the University strike and the Rector and Vice Minister save their jobs until next year’s chaos.

Not just us, but many young wings, students, teachers, experts were against the failed online education system in Maharashtra. This has failed us in the admissions, now we have failed even more for the votes.

In 2017, with a failed online income, the university suddenly raised the idea of ​​an online assessment. And for the results that, ideally, have accumulated in early June, the tender was awarded in 2017 May!

If now, the evaluation performed as a face protector was 110,000 documents a day, what is the quality of the correction? There are two contradictory statements, one by the minister to the chamber of the House and one by the university to see if the non-teaching staff has been authorized to perform this type of documents.

Can real teachers, or everyone, be on computer screens for six hours a day and paperwork correction at the rate of 3 papers per minute? Our subcenters are ready to handle the load on the Internet – our servers have failed three times!

The barcodes in your main document do not match the supplements taken by certain articles – how to bookmark these tags below?

This is probably one of the smaller crises of the University of Mumbai has a rector who travel abroad to establish MU campus in the United States and Dubai despite the return to the house and person to handle it.

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Time For Modi’s India To Walk The Talk On Energy

The military conflict stretching from India to China in the tri-union of the two countries with Bhutan has overshadowed the prospects of mutual cooperation among them on a number of other issues.

Even so, however, the Doklam crisis is finally resolved, it should not obscure the potential for genuine cooperation with China to deal with another crisis – one with increasing challenges for India and the world at large. And that is the crisis of climate change.

China and Europe are now looking to fill the void and lead the rest of the Member States in achieving their sustainable development goals – largely driven by clean energy. India should be with them.

The opportunity certainly seems ripe to strengthen our commitment to the European Union.

Our relationship with the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, started a halt, the Prime Minister and President Modi Macron jointly commit to cooperate on climate change.

The president also expressed interest in joining the first summit of the International Solar Alliance, which will take place in India later this year.

Taking an active role in the operation of the ISA will be essential for the emergence of India as a world leader in clean energy.

Similarly, India will have much to gain (as does the rest of the European Union) if German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was successfully re-elected because the Chancellor has played a crucial role in the G-20 weather.

Under his leadership, Germany has reaffirmed that climate action is essential for the modernization of the world economy and long-term prosperity.

Germany’s initiatives to accelerate renewable energy as part of Energiewend helped great learning for India and the two countries already have an enviable track record of cooperation in the deployment of renewable energy and energy access,

Most important, however, is the renewal of change of designation of a joint finance minister of the eurozone, indicating that the EU could consider an attempt to re-link.

On the domestic front, however, India needs a well-thought-out strategy to improve its leadership ambitions on climate change.

It is urgent to address the crucial issue of its dangerously high reliance on Chinese solar panels to boost its solar boom portfolio.

Being heavily subsidized by the state, Chinese manufacturers produce solar modules and associated equipment at very low prices.

While this has reduced project costs for developers in India and energy tariffs, it kills our own solar module manufacturers.

It was also reported recently that our Finance Ministry has rejected an Rs. Financial support package of 20,000 rupees for domestic solar equipment manufacturers.

Such a move is very unfortunate because a strong and independent domestic manufacturing industry is the first step towards isolating (abrupt) policy changes by our neighboring giant.

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In Naval War With China, India Would Be No Pushover

Currently, China and India are seen through Doklam the disputed land along the border between China and India in the Himalayas.

It was the border of the Himalayas that caused its last serious fight, when the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) has cost the Indians a short and clear defeat in 1962.

However, any future war could not be fought in the high mountains, but the high seas. It seems a naval war between China and India unlikely, of course, but most wars before they occur.

This is certainly not unthinkable, and it is for Asian observers to set the odds now instead of being guilty of the lack of imagination in the worst of flight.

In short: do not be taken by figures that show that China could turn to India in the fight against martial martial companies are rarely treated ..

China has settled its border disputes with most in the area – but prefers to leave the competition with some of its booming neighbors, especially in India.

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense of China, Wu Qian Colonel, warned the Indians not to “feel lucky” in the Doklam conflict.

By good measures, Wu added that the Indian Army found “easier to shake a mountain to shake the PLA.”

Beyond the current conflict, the Chinese and the Indian media have a long history of competition to see who can shout “Por jingo!” In the direction of the other, the stronger.

History shows that resentment on land or in the air can easily spread to the sea. Or a saltwater conflict could occur independently of terrestrial events.

Both participants an exclusive view of the waters of its coasts. China thinks of the South China Sea as an area of ​​”undeniable” or “undeniable” sovereignty that Beijing must make the rules and others must obey.

In the same vein, India modeled its foreign policy and strategy partly on the Monroe Doctrine and considered the Indian Ocean as an Indian reservation.

Such statements must have a family relationship with the Americans. During their rise to regional and global power, the United States sought to exclude powerful foreign seas from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico – emerging from the Pacific Ocean.

The Monroe Doctrine began as a joint defense of the Americas against the European imperial powers.

The sense that the neighboring seas are a legitimate nostrum – the ancient Romans thought of the Mediterranean as “our sea” – means that the Indians and the Chinese are predisposed to deny and oppose an apparent intrusion into these strange ways of the sea.

Conflicts of fishing or underwater drilling take a particular resonance; Natural resources focus on Asian capital minds.

The Indians are interested in China’s “One Way Belt One” initiative, which aims to build infrastructure and to support economic development on the historic Eurasian silk route, land and sea.

And the Chinese parade of southern Asian coastal states appears to be an effort to build a “pearl necklace” or navy base network in traditional Indian Navy operational areas.

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Amit Shah Beaten By The Congress’ Own Chanakya

What should have been a Rajya Sabha routine routine has been transformed by Amit Shah into a Titan Fury: the BJP president against the President of the Indian National Congress.

In this case, Shah ended up with the egg in his face – or, as he is a vegetarian, should we say that the malai rubbed the entire beard?

Despite using any Supreme Trick in the book, Shah, with a supreme irony is self-destruction when two Congress agreed to provide irrefutable proof of their betrayal by echoing their vows in deepening their eyes.

Ultimately, he made these ballots empty, giving victory to the man, party and party leader Shah sought to destroy.

For the purpose of Shah was not only to reduce a political opponent of dust for a long time. His goal was broader: to push the President of Congress in the eye and therefore to a meeting of the laughter Congress as a whole.

But this time, he was assaulted by the Chankaya Congress party who understood Shah’s tampered manipulations and deployed their own deep understanding of Gujarat’s politics in the future.

If Shah took over the venality of the lawmakers, Congress took no luck removing them by stripping the threats and curses from the other side.

To counter this, the BJP, with the embarrassing complicity of the central government, even moved the central and central police investigators

(Without the consent of the state government – both for “cooperative federalism”) at the station outside of Bangalore, where lawmakers held to prevent them from entering the other camp.

However, even if this blatant misuse of government powers intimidated brave corals who have had a long experience of BJP scams.

Now that the elections have been completed and Ahmed Patel secured six more years in the Rajya Sabha, where is the Congress and the opposition in general, especially with only two years for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections?

Congress has long recognized that, in victory, pack-up carpets climb in their car, even in defeat, there are a number of rats waiting to jump.

The story also shows that people leaving Congress have a short life in a non-congressional government soon or writing history.

Therefore, it is not a good time that Sonia and Rahul Gandhi also had their share of Hemanta Biswas and Shankersinh Vaghelas. In fact, Vaghela has an undefeated record to lead the Congress of successive defeats.

In hindsight, it was obvious that it was not advisable to choose this bridge with Narendra Modi in the Nav Nirman movement of 1974 to take Modi. Vaghela has failed to strenuously accelerate her path to a political enemy.

His subordinates had few when they were at the conference and will count even less now that they are out there.

What matters is that the rest stayed with Congress through this time proven difficulty giving the party a fair chance to reverse the detritus left behind Modi in Gandhinagar when they moved to Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi.

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North Korea Mocks Donald Trump, Hones Guam Strike Plans

SEOUL, South Korea: Nuclear North Korea on Thursday trumpeted President Donald Trump because of “deterioration of reason”, which raised questions in the context of an exceptionally detailed plan to send a salvo of missiles to the United States territory. Guam.

The regime aimed at guiding the island, a major US military base, intended to “report a critical alert” because “only absolute force” would affect the American leader, said the North.

The statement comes after President Trump boasted on Twitter that the United States nuclear arsenal was “much stronger and more powerful than ever.”

Earlier, President Trump shocked the world with a bold message for leader Kim Jong-un, who seemed to have the rhetorical arsenal of Pyongyang, saying that the North had “fire and fury as the world has never seen.”

The war of words over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs makes one fear a miscalculation that could have catastrophic consequences on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Last month, the North has carried out two successful tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which brought together much of the Americas in its range.

Trump’s statements in “fire and fury” were “a lot of nonsense,” Kim Rak-Gyom, the commander of the North’s missile forces, according to the official Korean news agency in Pyongyang.

“Sound dialogue is not possible with a man so devoid of reason,” he added in a statement.

The army would complement the Guam plan in mid-August and submit to Kim Jong-un for review, he said.

The statement clearly stated that four missiles would be launched simultaneously and fly over the Japanese prefectures of Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi.

They will have a flight time of 17 minutes 45 seconds, will travel 3 356.7 km (approximately 2,086 miles) and below the 30 to 40 kilometers of Guam said, putting the impact points alone for outside the United States territorial waters .

Japan, in the past, warned that happen to all North Korean missiles that threaten its territory, responded quickly to insist that “not tolerate” the provocations of the isolated state.

The island of Guam, in the western Pacific, home to US strategic assets, including long-range military aircraft and bombers and submarines, which are periodically forcibly performed in and around the Korean peninsula, the fury of Pyongyang.

Two US supersonic bombers took off from the island during a push mission in Korea earlier this week.
Professor Yang Moo-Jin of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul said the level of detail in Pyongyang’s statement was unusual.

“The North seems to say what it will do is in international law,” he told AFP. “Therefore, we can not exclude that the North can translate this plan into reality.”

During the Cold War in the 1980s, the Soviet Union sent unarmed missiles to the Pacific less than 1,000 miles from Hawaii.

Analysts said that North Korea’s launch of Guam would put the US into action. In a dilemma:

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Trump’s Claim That US Nuclear Arsenal Is Now ‘Far Stronger And More Powerful’

WASHINGTON: “My first order as president was to renew and modernize our nuclear arsenal is now much stronger and more powerful than ever …” – Trump’s president, by tuit August 9, 2017

As part of his sable-raid with North Korea, President Trump made the denunciation of the United States nuclear arsenal. Readers wanted to know: the nuclear arsenal that can be modernized so quickly?

He said it was his “first order” as president. You may be confused about that. In his first national security briefing, issued seven days after his term, the president called for “rebuilding the United States Armed Forces.”

The order includes a call to “launch a new review of the nuclear stance to ensure that the nuclear deterrence of the United States is modern, robust, flexible, resilient, prepared and appropriately adapted to discourage the threats of the 21st century to reassure our allies” .

So this was not his first order, but it was his first order of national security. An NPR is something that is done when a new administration takes over. The last one was completed in 2010, Barack Obama, it would be logical for Trump to order a new one.

But just because a studio chairman orders, this does not mean that everything changes immediately. In fact, the NPR is still being written and probably will not be completed until at least the end of this year, authorities said the defense. Then the Pentagon must implement new policies – and Congress should approve a budget that reflects these new priorities.

“The nuclear arsenal is the same as the first day,” said Daryl G. Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association. It consists of about 1,750 strategic nuclear warheads deployed in intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​and strategic bombers and tactical nuclear bases in Europe.

Obama has already launched a nuclear arms modernization effort that the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost $ 400 billion between 2015 and 2024 – and $ 1 billion over 30 years. Kimball said that the initial budget proposal for nuclear weapons Trump was essentially a “cut and paste” of what Obama had proposed.

The main focus of an NPR is if the United States registered correctly for nuclear threats, and experts interviewed by Defense News believe enough has changed in the world since 2010 (as Russia’s incursion into Ukraine) reaches new approaches.

However, there is little hope that the NPR identifies the need to divert the modernization plan that Obama had worked with the military in his second term.

Trump actually gave the order to initiate a review of the nuclear stance, but it is a standard procedure for a new administration. But he laughs at it – or misleading Americans – has changed a lot in the nuclear arsenal since he took office there 200 days.

Given the cost, long production time and the need for annual congressional credits, the timing of nuclear modernization is decades, not days. We oscillated between three and four Pinocchios, but in the end we gave ourselves four limbs given how Trump dismissed his horn inappropriately.

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Why Chennai airport may miss the flight

CHENNAI: About 13 airports across the country will receive shopping malls, industrial parks, corporate offices, conference rooms and exhibitions as part of an Indian Airports Authority (IAA) plan to boost non-aeronautical revenues, but You will miss the Chennai flight.

Although ATI wants to develop Madras as a center for international flights, it would take several years before it is autonomous entity, such as Changi airport in Singapore or Incheon airport in South Korea.

AAI residential neighborhoods and a wedding hall at Chennai airport can be used for commercial purposes, but priority is to add more parking spaces for flight.

Globally, the major airports are transformed into “the city of air”, with commercial and residential enclaves. However, Chennai Airport will not be one as it requires all the ground that can be made to flight operations.

The only possibility of earning money other than parking and the airlines parking fees will be parking contracts, since two multilevel parking can accommodate more than 1000 cars will be built in the coming months.

“If the airport is to be extended to a hub for international flights, it should have more facilities for passengers in transit, such as hotels, leisure, logistics centers and aviation technology parks that will create the overall growth of economic activity necessary to Stimulate the movement of the load, “said one official.

IAA began to make a proposal to increase its non-aeronautical revenues by expanding space on the city’s side of airports to compensate for the loss of revenue that the authority has incurred after air traffic and navigation services – which Led large money – were transferred to a separate entity. Now charge entrusted to a subsidiary.

A high-ranking IAA said that the development of the downtown area was crucial to increasing non-aeronautical revenues. “The 1994 AAI Act specifies that land can only be used for some companies, such as parking cars, utility rooms, merchandise warehouses and for food and beverage units for passengers and staff,” said the official .

The change of this law will allow ATI to establish offices, shopping centers, hotels and other business units. The immediate plan is to have them at 13 airports, including Tirupati, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Amritsar, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and others. Trichy was included in the later stages.

“There is no such plan for the commercial exploitation of the large-scale area of ​​the city because the space available is limited. The space that can be released when the parking floor is transferred to multi-level parking will be built Be necessary for the construction of bay stops and small utility companies for passengers, “said airport director G Chandramouli. “Our priority now is to strengthen the capacity of operations,” he said.

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Vellore corpn commissioner held on graft charge, gold, cash worth Rs 17.44L seized

Vellore: Officials of the Directorate for Vigilance and Fight against Corruption (DVAC) detained company Wednesday Commissioner Vellore T Kumar, to receive a bribe of 20 Rs 000 with a contractor.

They also seized an unrecorded sum of Rs 10.44 lakh, cash counter and 26 gold jewelry sovereigns worth Rs 7 lakh from his home and his office.

In April, May and June 2016, the company had subcontracted work Vellore Sri Raghavendra & Co headed by T Balaji, from Velapadi for a mass clean-up program to eradicate the dengue project in the city.

The company had to pay Rs 10.90 Balaji 200 for the work done by the company and last week when it addressed the Commissioner for payment, Kumar demanded a 2% commission to release the amount.

In a complaint filed with the DVAC Vellore unit, Balaji said that after a lot of “negotiation”, the Commissioner reduced the amount of the bribe from Rs 22,000 to Rs 20,000.

After an investigation confirmed that the accusation against the Commissioner was true, the DVAC has decided to set a trap.

A team led by M Balasubramanian, additional superintendent of the police, DVAC special cellular research, Madras, presented a package of chemical currency inflows to the contractor.

After Balaji gave the money to the commissioner’s office, the official waiting team took the assault and trapped.

A phenolphthalein test was carried out confirming that Kumar, 54, received the money and that two government employees of the different departments were detained in the presence of witnesses.

DVAC officials then sought the residence of Commissioner Krishna Nagar. “We have found an unposted box of 9.40 lakh, a counter and cash 26 gold jewelry sovereigns (new ornaments) to his house and Rs 1.04 lakh in funds not counted in the desk drawer,” said a police.

A case was registered against him under the Corruption Prevention Act and was produced before the head of the Vellore Courts.

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Dhinakaran’s appointment as AIADMK deputy general secretary violates party rules, EPS faction says

Chennai: Leaders of the AIADMK (Amma) faction, headed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami, said on Thursday the appointment of TTV Dhinakaran as Deputy Secretary VK Sasikala violated the statutes of the celebration.

A resolution adopted at a meeting convened at the party’s headquarters said Dhinakaran was expelled by Jayalalithaa in December 2011 from the main party members.

Reinstatement in the party on February 14 and his appointment as Deputy Secretary General of the aftermath have been in violation of ordinance 30 (V).

“Since he did not continue as the main member of five years, he can not hold any office in the party according to local regulations,” the resolution said.

The resolution, signed by the 27th frame of the scale, including Palaniswami, was distributed to the media after the meeting.

It is interesting to note that the main ministers Dindigul C and K Sreenivasan Un Sengottaiyan, nominated by Sasikala as president and party tutor, did not sign the resolution.

The resolution says that the Electoral Commission rejected a Dhinakaran response on March 3 because its name was not on the list of incumbents appointed by Jayalalithaa and presented to the committee.

“The appointment of the Secretary-General (Sasikala), who appointed him, is also the subject of an investigation by the Commission.” In response, Dhinakaran made an arbitrary announcement by appointing officials on 4 August.

When the head of a post appointed by Puratchi Thalaivi Amma carry the party in unison, his appointment creating confusion will not join the cadres of the party, “said the resolution.

The EPS field sought to emphasize that officials appointed by Jayalalithaa lead the party and the government.

“Our managers do not like to see someone instead of Amma, our permanent secretary general. But VK Sasikala was appointed secretary general until a new secretary general is elected in accordance with the rules of the game.

I could not work because of extraordinary circumstances. Many people questioned his appointment. We leaders lead the party and the government, “the resolution says.

In a strong signal for the fields of competition, the resolution was a “good” demand for executives who were forced to remain united with the principle of being united bring thousands of advantages and achieve the aspirations of Jayalalithaa.

The party cadres were asked to reject the indications made by Dhinakaran because they are not valid.